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» Political Wiki Roundup from BOPnews
Giovanni Rodriquez of Eastwikkers is running a series on 33 Wikis, highlighting best practices in wiki-based collaboration. He's already covered two great progressive political wikis, the Flu Wiki and Source Watch (formerly the Disinfopedia). Dkosopedi... [Read More]

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Shaula Evans

Giovanni, if you aren't familiar with it already, I'd recommend The Flu Wiki--on the basis of superb content, great agenda, and serving a n underserved niche-market.

I look forward to watching the 33 Days of Wiki unfold - sounds better than a chocolate advent calendar!

Giovanni Rodriguez

Shaula -- thanks so much for the note. Yes, the fluwiki is on our radar. Stay tuned!


I nominate the television series wiki "TV IV.org"

Sjoerd Lohuis

I'd like to see wetpaint on that list. http://www.wetpaint.com

Zoli Erdos

Shaula, I'm sure you'll agree we all wish the Flu Wiki could one day be eradicated - for lack of subject matter to write about :-))

Giovanni Rodriguez

Dear Sjoerd -- My series is about implementations, not tools. But if you can send me links to great wikis that have been built on the Wetpaint platform, that would be great. thanks!

Marcel de Ruiter

Hi Giovanni,

Thanks for this very nice initiative!

I wonder if you could provide some more background on challenges faced by the wiki starters (like vandalism?) or about the software that the wiki’s run on.

Stephen Danelutti

Hi Giovanni

I am very biased, being one of the founders of our charitywiki but I'm sure you'll excuse me ;-) I nominate our wiki which you can find at http://www.whycharity.org and if nothing else, would appreciate your feedback. I look forward to seeing the results of your very interesting and useful initiative.


Glenn Malone

I love this idea..I'll be watching!

Giovanni Rodriguez

Stephen -- I'm interested. Can you write to me at giovanni at eastwick dot com? Would like to get more information.

If we had our "33 Wikis" wiki set up already, we wouldn't have to do this. Hmmm .... :)

Phil Leitch

First I have to tell you I love the 33 Wikis series so far. I'm a big fan of wikis and have been pushing their use both at my company and for our clients. So for to little luck but I refuse to give up the fight, your series could really help shed some light on how valuable a wiki can be.

I'd also like to nominate my own private wiki that I set up here in Fargo to document the independent music scene here though compared to what you've looked at so far it seems very unimportant.


Jordan Running

I'd like to nominate the Homestar Runner Wiki, an enormous fan-wiki dedicated to the Internet cartoon of the same name.


I agree with the sentiments in the post about TMBW--wikis are the perfect platform for a fan community. Full disclosure: I'm a Homestar Runner Wiki administrator.

Glenn E. Malone

Cacheopedia is wiki for geocachers.

Laurence 'GreenReaper' Parry

Like Jordan, here's a few fan community wikis that I helped into being:

WikiFur, a wiki dedicated to the culture, personages and history of the furry fandom. ~1,500 visitors a day (both furries and non-furries) to the 3250+ articles. Achieved popularity after an inadvertent "promotion" by SomethingAwful.com in mid-August, shortly after its launch, which resulted in many of the furry-leaning SA members protecting the site from their fellow goons.

Creatures Wiki, a community site for a game/artificial life simulation that's almost 10 years old, and 5 years past its latest engine revision - the original company went bust in 2003. There's still interest in it judging by the 250 visitors/day (and the articles on old breeds, objects and websites that keep popping up).


This is fantastic folks!

I think that MeatballWiki and CommunityWiki would be good to check out and a project that I am involved with WikiIndex is brand new, 16-Jan-2006, based off of SwitchWiki, trying to self-organize wiki.

Best, Mark

Stewart Mader

I'd like to nominate The Science of Spectroscopy (http://www.scienceofspectroscopy.info) a wiki for upper level high school and college students to learn about spectroscopy using a model that starts with real-world applications, gets them engaged and asking "how does it work?" and then teaches techniques and theory. Using a wiki enables the site to be edited by a large community of scientists, educators, and even students as part of class group projects. Right now, people are using and editing the wiki from around the world, including US, UK, Germany, Sweden, and Indonesia.

Vicki Davis

My students are pretty proud of their School wiki they have created a homework page and were named Wikispace of the month in December.

We had no budget for this but have explored everything from Web 2.0 to Mashups on the wiki. It has revolutionized my classroom and we use it as a companion to our blog.

Some of my ninth graders have created a Riddles wikispace that they have worked on as a hobby. This shows just how this relates to younger students for collaboration.


Auckalnd.Wiki (http://auckland.wiki.org.nz) are a relatively new wiki but have been inspired by the likes of wikimaas and davis wiki. would love to be reviewed if you are still looking for the 33. I'd also like to see Wikitravel on the list as well. IT has some interesting features like RDF built in for richer searches, etc.

Martha Bridegam

The "FemaAnswers.org" wiki at http://www.femaanswers.org/index.php/Main_Page is a great approach by legal aid and advocacy organizations to sharing official guidance and legal news and organizing advocacy responses for & by hurricane survivors.

Giovanni Rodriguez

Thanks, Martha! Terrific resource.

Giovanni Rodriguez

Dear Phil, Jordan, Glen, Lawrence, Mark, Stewart, Vicky and Brent -- many thanks for your nominees. I am checking out all of them.


Omar Ismail

If I could do a little bit of self-promotion as well and nominate www.productwiki.com that'd be great.

Giovanni Rodriguez

Thanks, Omar, Self-promotion, group promotion -- no worries. :) Product Wiki is on our radar.


Hello ! This is very [url=http://www.google.com/bb497]good[/url] site !!


I nominate Wookieepedia, the Star Wars encyclopedia hosted by Wikia. In one year, it has grown to about 28,000 articles and is still rapidly growing, and has been noted by such official Star Wars writers as Abel G. Peña and Karen Traviss.

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