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Thanks, Giovanni. Distinguished company!

Neville Hobson

From me, too, Giovanni - thanks!

From what I know of some of the bloggers in the other categories, I'd say your analysis is pretty good. Assuming the others agree, of course ;)

Account Deleted

Neville should be king. The guy has the looks and that accent.

Giovanni Rodriguez

Hey, you're a pretty good looking guy yourself. Look at that punim:


Robb Hecht

Seconds on Neville - but then, Jeremy Pepper has an accent too.

Account Deleted

The punim is getting a new image soon.

Jeremy Pepper

I have an accent? Hmmm, never thought of it.

I am about the same height as Wright, or a little taller. But, my stuff doesn't leak, like his does.

Ellee Seymour

I am hoping to develop blogging as a PR tool in the UK, where it is still little known. What I don't understand is how some say it is impossible for a third person to write a blog, while others see it as a niche. I see endless opportunities for being creative and proactive and helping businesses communicate their message through blogging. Do you have any advice?

Philip Young

Useful stuff, Giovanni - thanks. You (and commenter Ellee) might be interested in some of the papers presented at the EuroBlog symposium in Stuttgart (www.euroblog2006.org) - quite a different perspective from the New Comms Forum.

Giovanni Rodriguez

Thanks for the comment, David.
Ellee -- I would be happy to speak with you: 650-480-4021 (US).

Elizabeth Albrycht

And we shall "keep our powder dry" as we seek to revolutionize the PR industry and its practices.

This is a great, and needed, series Giovanni. Please keep writing!

Giovanni Rodriguez

There will be more. Stay tuned. :)

David Phillips

I referenced this post on my blog. It is a real hit. The traffic levels for this one post are the highest this month.

You have touched a significant nerve among practitioners.

Giovanni Rodriguez

Thanks, David -- the thought first struck a nerve in me, so I thought I should share. Conversation, however, is just beginning, and I think folks like you are going to be a big help. At universities, you will have great reach into your audiences. That's key.

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