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I'd like to nominate ukcider wiki at www.ukcider.co.uk/wiki which combines a highly effective consumer orientated guide with practical support from a community of practice about craft cidermaking.

Evan Prodromou

I'll put in my unselfish request to look over Wikitravel, the project to create an Open Content travel guide.

Rob S

I was just alerted to a great sports Wiki over at http://www.armchairgm.com. They've really done a nice job customizing MediaWiki to create a vibrant online sports community.

Sean Colombo

Hi, I hope it's not too late to enter!

is a wiki for song-lyrics. It is the alternative to those annoying lyrics sites plastered with ads and incorrect lyrics.

One unique thing about the site is that I used bots to scour the internet, and then add the songs to the database. The main bot is adding 200,000+ songs. After running for 4 days, it's about half done right now.

Hope you like it!
PS: Love this site, keep up the good work :)

Robin Mulkers

Hi here a new wiki proposal: http://www.javapolis.com
This wiki is supporting a technical conference, people can collaborate through it with each others or with speakers, they can make remarks, suggestions, upload their pictures and so forth. We have extended the wiki with special macros to embed video on the pages.
Registering is free and then you can play with it.

Isaac Garcia

Here is a community wiki that was recently created using Central Desktop. (http://www.pasadenaschools.info)

The wiki was created and adopted by the Altadena For Action neighborhood community (in California) to discuss and gather information to protest the local School District's proposal to convert local schools without adequate community involement.

The wiki is relatively new but is actively being updated by non-tech savvy neighborhood volunteers to post documents, discuss ideas, schedule meetings and stay up to date with local news and events about the School District.


Check out Cii Wiki at cii.wikispaces.com, which includes information about survey software and hosting services and helpful information about conducting online surveys. It's relatively new. We're looking for reviewers and general feedback about the applications.

Craig Hubley

I won't nominate openpolitics.ca as I had a lot to do with it, or Green Party of Canada Living Platform, likewise. But some you should seriously look at are: dkosopedia.com - the wiki augment to dailykos.com and consumerium and sourcewatch.org, all very well developed and solving serious difficult problems.

Craig Hubley

Also wikocracy, embodiment wiki, wikitravel are interesting and potentially useful and important.


http://www.psconclave.com/wiki/Main_Page - A wiki dedicated to the art of pen spinning.

Michael S

I would like you to take a look at this site. http://wikicpa.com, what I hope will become a site for "all things CPA" as in Certified Public Accountant.

Michael Misovec

Secure process oriented teacher Wiki designed for schools and teachers

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