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Robert French

Thank you, Giovanni. I commented on your personal blog, too.

Honored and flattered to be included with such good people. A little embarrassed, too. The students are what makes it work. Their willingness to dive in and embrace these new channels and mediums is the best part. Looking back at the past two years reveals many opportunities opened up to them through their participation.

As more educators embrace new media / social media, an explosion of savvy new media graduates will be emerging into the PR ranks very soon. Actually, they already are.

Thanks again for the recognition.

All the best.

Jen McClure

Wow - I don't know what to say. Humbled doesn't quite cover it - I am definitely OK with being compared to THAT Republican, but I'm not sure I deserve it!

Thanks for including me with such an impressive group of leaders and thinkers (past and present - and for putting together such an interesting post!)

Can't help but notice how many SNCR members are included. We are blessed to have so many bright and exceptional people involved in this new organization.

Giovanni Rodriguez

Hey Robert and Jen,

No need for embarrassment -- you are both playing important roles in the transformation of our industry. Exciting times ....

Barbara Bates

G...I know you are way too humble to have included yourself among the list of folks helping to transform our industry. Having said that and having the honor of working by your side on a daily basis I can't let this post go by without tipping my hat to you for being so insightful almost two yers ago now and opening all of our eyes to the changes taking place. Indeed exciting times...and thanks for your own role in transforming our industry.

Giovanni Rodriguez

Barb -- If I weren't older than you, I'd swear you were my Mom ("off of my blog, Ma!"). I am not being humble -- just being fair. :)

David Phillips

Flattery gets you every where. For my part, the best I offer is struggle. The more I find out the less I know I know.

New Media is taking us into new social environs. On the one hand it offers access and on the other disdain for other cultures. It offers access to real wealth and 'have-not' poverty. Are we human enough to live with this or will we need parallel Internets and open mouthed wonder or wars that will go with these alternatives.

We don't have a heap of time to find out and, at the same time, have to drag quite bright people into a form of understanding that this is a revolution .... as well as 'is Neville Hobson is really on his way to mega stardom in a virtual mega block buster'.


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