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Vicki Davis

THank you for the link. When we're back from spring break, I'm going to ask the students to post their thoughts on the website. Also, as much as I'd like to be "the King" my last name is Davis!

I look forward to having my students comment next week! Thank you!

Giovanni Rodriguez

Apologies, Vicki -- I am making the correction!


Kristy Smith

Wikis are becoming more and more popular in our school. Although we may complain about posting/blogging I think it will be able to help us later on in our school career. Actually most of us do not realize how much it is helping us out right now. It gets us involved with other people and their activities so we are not just confined in our small community. Mrs. Vicki has given us the opportunity to share and experience other people and their points of view from all over the world. Wikis and blogging will become more and more popular and will help us all.

Andrew S

Wikis are good because they enable people everywhere to communicate in an efficient, well-developed method. It allows classrooms to expand their horizons and communicate and compare their methods of teaching with other teachers and classes. In addition to teachers, students can harness the power of wikis through study. Study guides can be made on wikipages. Here at are page we have a "study hall" wiki where we post the day's homework.

Vicki Davis

You'll notice that my students have started posting for an assignment this week. I've asked them to be honest, so who knows what we'll get! Thank you again for the mention. It makes the students feel like they are indeed on the cutting edge.

Doing the wiki has been out of the comfort zone for all of them even though most are comfortable with new technology.


I think wikispace is a good way to collaborate ideas. The feel of working together with other students bonds peers together who are striving for a common goal-making good grades and developing good study habits. It opens the doors for exceptional achievement and a shared atmosphere of learning. We can help each other and strengthen each other's weaknesses. I feel as if the classroom has become more than a dull teacher-talks-the-whole-time-and-everybody's-asleep experience. We are truly learning about the internet and all we can do with it-leaping firsthand into technology that will be useful to us. Wikispaces have been a large part of our virtual learning experience.

Katie Beck

Wikis have helped me out so much with computer class. It is a good way to help study or learn things. You get to learn and teach like a group, because we work in groups to work on our wikis for each computer lesson each group teaches. This is also a way to share information with others about a cause or an opinion or etc. Wikis are not well known right now but soon they will be lionized!

Jeanette Wiens-Peckham

I appreciated reading the students' comments. Those are some pretty good reasons for integrating wikis into the classroom. Apparantly, they are also learning to comment effectively. Keep up the good work!

Brain Based Bloggin

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