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Shaula Evans

Giovanni, it is a pleasure to be able to offer you congratulations in public. Your new project sounds SO exciting -- I really wish you all the best. (I also, very selfishly, hope you'll continue blogging in your new gig.)

And now I understand why we hit it off so well -- I'm a working class girl from small town western Canada who fought my way into elite private high school and college on scholarship. Scrappers seem to flock together. :)

I wish you, and anticipate, every success with your new, smaller desk. Thanks for breaking the official news here, and please keep us all posted.

steve rubel

Giovanni, lots of luck to you. I faced a similar path and went in the opposite direction. I am loving it and I am sure you will too. The key is to follow your bliss.

Jen McClure

Congratulations, Giovanni. This is very exciting news! Best wishes with your new venture.

R.J. Pittman

Well, as the proud author of Eastwick's very own agency tagline: "The Art and Science of the Bottom Line" I can only say that knew you back when... ;)

I truly enjoyed all 5 years with Eastwick as our agency for Groxis. Giovanni, you were the perfect compliment to Barbara and the gang, thanks for helping us break all the records for media coverage when Groxis was nothing but a prototype. Its been great watching you evolve, and surely the best is yet to come. See you on the other side mate!


R.J. Pittman, Co-founder
Groxis, Inc.

Giovanni Rodriguez

Shaula, Steve, Jen and RJ --thanks so much. We will all continuing talking, I am sure.

Jennifer Drayton

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"
- Seneca

Giovanni, I'm thrilled about your new adventure. We should talk!

Matt Marshall

Giovanni, great post. All the best on your new venture!

James  Governor

You will never look back. in late 2002 I set up RedMonk with Stephen O'Grady with similar intentions for the industry analyst business. We haven't grown much - now we're three analysts - but we do things differently, have good clients, a decent reputation, a strong brand, and good quality of life. let me know if your new business touches spaces RedMonk does - and i would be happy to offer advice or support if you ever need it. Its a bit scary to go out on your own but its the best thing you have ever done. welcome to the influence 2.0 economy.

Giovanni Rodriguez

James -- many thanks for your support. And I love the phrase "Influence 2.0." Speaks to something I've been saying -- PR has always been about social influence. We now just have a bigger bag of tools. Eastwick is going to keep expanding that bag; I'm just going to approach it from a different angle. Once I open shop, I will give you a call.

Denise Vardakas

What can I say... If it weren’t for the chocolate martinis with you and Barbara during last year’s Counselor’s Academy, I wouldn’t have come into the Eastwick fold. It's been an honor to have worked with you over the past year. I have learned so much from you, and could not have hoped for a better mentor. I wish you all the luck with your new journey, and I’m sure we’ll see some very exciting things come out of it.

Elaine Cummings

All this time I thought I was president of the Giovanni fan club but clearly I have some competition. G, it's been a fun ride. Thanks for inspiring us to explore new paths. You've made believers out of all of us. Looking forward to continuing our work together.

Tom Foremski

Giovanni, you are following in fine Silicon Valley tradtions, spinning off and launching your own venture! The only risk around here is not taking a risk :-)

Barbara Bates

It's been a fun and wild ride together and we look forward to keeping the momentum going in this brave new world of Influnece 2.0...gotta love that! It's encouraging to see the feedback from all those entrepreneurs out there (or serial entrepreneurs like RJ) who really get what it means to blaze a new trail. You've got lots of supporters behind you...and two of the biggest ones are Elaine and I.

David Dalka

Hope to hear more. Good luck.


Giovanni, thanks for your help and your advice. I wouldn't be where I am if not for Eastwick, you, and Denise. Thanks again, please keep blogging, and I'll be in touch.


I can't even begin to tell you how much you'll be missed... But thanks to your unwavering support, I've been able to find my place here at Eastwick. Without that support from you and others at Eastwick, I would not have been able to enjoy the freedom to express myself and learn as much as I do every day. You've taught me how important it is to fall in love with your client's technology and not just go about your daily duties like a PR robot. And as far as "trading up," show me another agency that can offer the same freedom and forum Eastwick gave and CONTINUES to give a relative "newbie" like me.

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