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Joseph Jaffe here. President of crayon.

It's kind of funny how this has been blown out of proportion...given that we're a company of bloggers, podcasters and Second Life residents ourselves.

If you think we're big bad marketing, you'd be 100% mistaken...we're a young, intense, passionate start-up and we exist to make sure the marketers out there recognize SL for the unbelievable environment and authentic experience that it is.

Splitting hairs or not...we are proud to have launched in Second Life. We could have chosen a fancy boutique hotel in New York and invited the press, but we didn't. We chose Second Life because we believe in Second Life and because it was walking our talk - not lip service but honest follow-through.

So that's the story from my perspective. As a blogger, I know how things get blown out of proportion, especially through the chain of broken telephones...I know I've done it many times, but I always contend 2 things as a blogger:
1) Admit when you're wrong
2) Give the other party the opportunity to respond...and see if they do.

Second Life is unbelievable and we intend to run our business from Second Life and continue to be true evangelists.

All I ask is that the long time Second Life residents don't become like the very people they despise...set in their ways, close-minded and resistent to change.

Take care,


Mimi Harris

Thanks for the response Joseph. Did any of you guys attend the Second Life Community Convention? It was a great place to be to learn more about SL and the cool stuff the residents have been doing there. If you didn't attend, that's too bad. Next year's should be interesting though.

I apppreciate what you are trying to do and no, I don't necessarily think you're a big bad marketing company. Hell, I work in PR so I am all to aware of what people think and say about "promotion" line of work. But, a big part of what I do here is Research. And I think you guys should have done a little more of that, that's all. I'm actually a little surprised Millions of Us didn't point out to you guys some of the facts that have been disputed.

As far as locale for a launch, I don't think there's anything wrong with launching at a boutique hotel and inviting the press. We love to talk about social media and how it's changing things, but I still think the in-person feel of traditional launches are hard to beat. Good luck with the new venture- I can't wait to see what happens next.


Tony Walsh

Joseph, you refer to things being "blown out of proportion," and suggest there's a "chain of broken telephones" at work here. I'm wondering if you can be more specific about what is being blown out of proportion, and by whom.

I've read a handful of critical posts and comments reacting to the initial round of Crayon communications--primarily specific, valid complaints about Crayon's highly-debatable assertion and subsequent hair-splitting. These criticisms have been based directly on what Crayon has communicated--where are these broken telephones you're referring to?

Based on the lack of specifics in your comment, it seems like you might be suggesting Crayon's critics are irrational and misinformed in general. Could you clarify your position on this?


It doesn't really matter that much in the grand scheme of things. Consider this: http://www.knowprose.com/node/16507

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